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Welcome. This site presents my professional activities in my former positions as a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering at Tampere University of Technology and at the Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences at University of Tampere, Finland. You can check my LinkedIn profile for info on my current work.

NI Days keynote uploaded

I uploaded the keynote I gave two weeks ago at NI Days 2016, Finland. The talk was titled “Technology-Assisted Electrophysiology for Unilateral Facial Paralysis” and it was related to the work we do in the Mimetic Interfaces project at Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere in collaboration with Pirkanmaa Hospital District and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

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Keynote at NI Days about facial pacing

I will be a keynote speaker at NI Days 2016 event at Hotel Rantasipi Airport Congress Center, Vantaa, Finland. The event is organised by National Instruments (NI), and it is held on 8 November 2016.

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Our facial pacing research featured in a National Instruments case study

I wrote a case study for National Instruments regarding our research on facial pacing. The study includes some visual material and a short description of our facial pacing research prototype that uses National Instruments myRIO as its processing unit. The prototype is more thoroughly described in our paper “Prosthetic pacing device for unilateral facial paralysis”.

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Material added for my paper "A survey on the feasibility of surface EMG in facial pacing"

I added material for my paper “A survey on the feasibility of surface EMG in facial pacing”. You can find the poster I will present at EMBC’16 next week as well as a link to the data and data processing used to compute the results.

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Eye Blink Pacing Demonstration Video Added

I uploaded a video I made for our Mimetic Interfaces project to demonstrate the pacing of eye blinks by detecting them based on electromyography (EMG) measurement and by activating orbicularis oculi muscle with simultaneous functional electrical stimulation.

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Links to external profile sites added

I added graphical links to my profiles on LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, ORCID, ResearcherID, [TUTCRIS Research Portal][tut], and Publons. Check out what Publons is about if you already haven’t.

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Website platform updated to Jekyll

I updated the website platform to Jekyll. The old site was made with Template Toolkit, but not too well. I wanted to make the site better. I considered Pelican because it is made with Python, but Jekyll seemed to be more suitable for my use even if I don’t know Ruby. Actually all I need is simple scripting skills to make the site using Liquid templates. Bootstrap makes the site beautiful. I used a Bootstrap 3 theme by Scotch with some modifications of my own.

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Demonstration video of functional electrical stimulation of facial muscles

I uploaded a video I made for our Mimetic Interfaces project to demonstrate the activation of facial muscles with functional electrical stimulation.

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